OneTable Manifesto: A Living Commitment to Meeting in the Middle where all are Welcome at the Table

– OneTable exists as a safe space for all who desire to be a part of the conversation about faith, sexual orientation, and gender identity. In a time where We not only welcome all voices, but are convinced that all are needed. We believe, as scripture teaches us, that the body of Christ is made up of many parts, each one dependent on the other (1 Corinthians 12: 12-27). As a community, we are only our most complete when we have the contribution of all our members. To sequester ourselves into uniformity of beliefs and paradigm leaves us anemic in our own formation as humans.

– Not only do we have a diverse membership with varying theologies, but the leadership of OneTable consists of what we like to call our Team of Ten. This group of students and alumni represent a spectrum of ideological, sociological, psychological, and theological belief. We don’t just talk about welcoming all voices to the table, we in fact embody it within our own team.

– OneTable serves to encourage, equip, and empower Fuller students, staff, and faculty to engage in dialogue with the LGBT community, regardless of their personal or theological convictions. At Fuller, OneTable stands for something different. Something counter-intuitive. We believe that intentionally living in the tension of disagreement is the way of the gospel of Christ. Jesus teaches us what relational ministry looks like, and we hope that OneTable is helping the Fuller community to be more relational in how they think about their  “other”, in this case the LGBT community. We do this by giving participants the opportunity to share a meal with people who are different from them while providing a safe space for people to listen, learn, and ask questions.

– OneTable serves to help students think about faith and sexuality from a broader perspective, one that includes each of us, not only the LGBT community. We are all embodied, sexual beings and the blessing of the LGBT community and a group like OneTable is that the entire seminary community has the opportunity to think more theologically about their own sexuality, however they would define it.

The three tenants of One Table are:

UNITYWe are not a political organization but a student group that advocates for the shared interests of the LGBTQ community on our campus.

COMMUNITYWe are a place for LGBTQ students to feel supported in their lives at Fuller.

DIALOGUEWe want to create safe spaces for students and faculty to engage in healthy and constructive conversations together.

OneTable holds monthly table fellowship meals and sponsors campus events including film screenings, speakers, and panels. While we exist primarily for Fuller students and faculty, we welcome any involvement from the wider Fuller community.

If you are an LGBTQ Fuller student (current or prospective) and would like to talk privately with someone from our Team of 10 leadership team, please contact

**As a non-political organization, we DO NOT exist to change policy within Fuller, our state or on the federal level.


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